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We shape the sustainable economy in Web3

Banana DAO is a community of creators and stakeholders that pursue the mutually beneficial sustainable Web3 economy through tokenomics. Memebers who stake Banana DAO's governence token Banana Token can vote to allocate Banana Token that released everyday. Stake Banana Token and vote to shape the sustainable economy in Web3.
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Banana Token
Fixed Total Supply
3.03 billion
Allocated to creators and creator communities on the Backyard platform
Allocated to founding team members
To early contributors
is reserved for future plans
Liquidity Mining for Banana Token
The staking mechanism of Banana Token refers to the famous DeFi project Curve. Banana Token holders voluntarily decide whether to convert to veBanana. veBanana has the voting rights of DAO
Daily token airdrop for creators and their communities
Community members who hold veBanana can vote for their favorite creators to get more daily airdrop distributing weight of Banana token.